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Corruptions of Minors charge for Former Red Lion Dean of students

Corruptions of Minors charge for Former Red Lion Dean of students

Chad Keiser, 44 told investigators that he had sex with a student 3 times in his Car.

Chad Keiser was likely forced to resign, from his position on October 2nd, along with another Red Lion Administrator Grant Gouker. the connection between the two remains to be seen. But according to a statement in October by the school, they were working with police and conducting an investigation.

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Purportedly Police began the investigation when Childline, the 24/7 child abuse hotline, reached out with information that they interviewed a former student who graduated in 2007.

The former student told police that Keiser texted her that she looked good, and that the relationship became sexual when the student was 17, in 2006. She reported that she and Keiser engaged in oral sex and sexual intercourse while she was 17.

Keiser will be sent a summons to appear in court, and the preliminary hearing is scheduled for 1-7-2020

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