Exciting news from the heart of our community—a group of talented students and their mentor/teacher, Morgan Hepburn from Red Lion, have captured the spotlight in the 2023 Congressional App Challenge. Jenna Tracey, Kelechi Okereh, Chance Keithan, and Bannon Green, representing a cross-section of our local schools, have been recognized by Rep. Smucker for their innovative app, Williams Pen.

Their creation is not just any app; it’s a beacon of community spirit, designed to weave closer ties among the residents of Red Lion. Drawing inspiration from the values of unity championed by William Penn, the team aimed to transcend the limitations of traditional social media. Williams Pen serves as a vibrant hub where community members can freely share, inquire, and connect on a platform that’s all our own.

The Congressional App Challenge this year was nothing short of spectacular, with an unparalleled level of participation from across the country. Our local heroes were among the 11,334 students who rose to the challenge, contributing to an impressive pool of 3,645 original apps. This initiative, spearheaded by the U.S. House of Representatives, encourages middle and high school students to dive into coding and computer science, showcasing their talents and potentially sparking future careers in tech.

What sets the Williams Pen app apart is its focus on fostering community connections through features like interactive games, message boards, and a treasure trove of local information. The app reflects a deep understanding of our community’s needs and a creative approach to meeting them, proving that our young people are not just thinking about the future of technology but about strengthening the fabric of our community.

As we celebrate the achievements of Jenna, Kelechi, Chance, and Bannon, let’s also look forward to the innovative ways in which the Williams Pen app will bring us all closer together. It’s a testament to the incredible potential of our young people and a reminder of the power of unity and collaboration.

Congratulations to our local champions for their hard work, creativity, and commitment to making a difference in our community. Here’s to seeing more from these bright young minds in the future! Special thanks to Morgan Hepburn

Morgan Hepburn is the founder of Pro Experience and Club CodeScouts – a practical technical skill training program that empowers students to explore careers in technology and develop work-ready computer literacy while serving their communities.

She graduated from Florida A&M University, attended North Carolina Central University and is now pursuing a Masters in Computer Information Technology from The University of Pennsylvania.