Red Lion, PA – Early in the morning, February 19th, 2023 Red Lion Fire Department was called to a high risk structure fire at 125 Osan’ Ln, Red Lion, Near the White Dove Laundromat. Multiple Fire Departments were called shortly after with nearly 100 pieces of apparatus called to quell the raging Inferno.

Sparks and embers cast from the burning building rained down on multiple structures causing secondary fires, and evacuations while firefighters raced to detect, and extinguish these fires. With at least 3 other buildings catching ablaze, some many hundred feet from the source of the inferno. The Quick action and detection by our area’s volunteer fire departments ensured that collateral damage was kept to a minimum.

The Local fire departments were drenching the fire with so much water each second, that tankers were called in to build ponds to help extinguish the blaze.

Fire departments from all over were called, with more called to provide coverage while the local departments worked as a team. North Codorus, Mt Joy, Columbia, and others from the York County area.

Various Emergency agency’s were on site, including the York County Emergency Management Agency and, Red Lion EMA. With the Departments working With the Red Lion Water Authority to determine how the water infrastructure was built so they could tap into under utilized mains to put more water on the inferno.

The Fire was Under control a few hours later, there was no reported loss of life. The Building that caught fire was the site of an defunct and dilapidated industrial building, where the owners had been demolishing the structure over the past year.

The cause of the fire is under investigation and the Red Cross in en-route to help those affected.

Please consider Donating to your local Volunteer fire department.

Spin was one of the First Groups to report on the fire, and they recorded a long Live Stream of the fire. ( it seems like this video has been taken down. )

Anyone wishing to donate  Gatorade/Gatorade Zero/Water for the firefighters working on the multi alarm fire in Red Lion can drop off items at the Alliance Fire and Rescue Services, Inc. Headquarters at 201 W Broadway in Red Lion.

The American Red Cross is Setting up in the Area.  at Broadway & Maple St, Red Lion