It’s not Marijuana. Does CBD Oil, Gummies, Cream, and Edibles work as effective remedies?

CBD products became more and more popular as their supposed effectiveness became well-known, and with that popularity came everyone and his dog trying to get in on the potential profits to be made with CBD oil.  But what’s really is the deal?

cbd infused gummy bear

Is CBD as safe as people say?

CBD, when carefully monitored by existing companies, like who are creating gummies or creams or even juice for vape, can be safe.  The keyword here, of course, is “can”. Right now there are no laws or rules in place about how to prepare, infuse, or market CBD products, and with people trying to get in a trade, they can sell virtually everything and anything, regardless of its potential risks.  When prepared to a certain quality in its various forms, CBD is safe and reliable. When it’s made in someone’s basement and, essentially, thrown together, it isn’t. CBD is as safe and trustworthy as the source from which you get it.

Is CBD effective in treating many conditions?

There are a lot of different CBD products out there, including creams that help with muscle and joint pain and rashes.  Other than topical options, you’ll also find capsules or vape serums that are supposed to help with anxiety and depression, improve memory and more.  Then, there are the gummies that are great for epilepsy or other physical motor control conditions that have to do with the brain.

Can CBD help against strokes?

What this all boils down to, however, is the question: Is it effective in helping with arthritis pain, eczema, anxiety, depression, or memory lapses?  The research seems to be inconclusive. The only success that is officially documented in scientific research journals is that certain strains and forms of CBD oil can have positive effects on rare cases of epilepsy.  Other than that, there are only personal accounts of the difference that CBD has made, and a handful of mildly successful animal studies.

Things to remember about CBD:

CBD could potentially be a life-changing product for people in all conditions with various needs.  As vague as that is, people everywhere are going crazy to get their hands on it. With that kind of hope and desperation comes people who know that they can make a pretty penny off of those who are looking for CBD, and they’ll deliver low-grade product at a high cost.

If you’re interested in the healing and helpful powers of CBD – topically or otherwise – the critical things to remember are that a.) it isn’t a miracle cure and the scientific results do not appear to be overwhelmingly positive at this time.  Even if it helps, it won’t cure everything that ails you; and b.) you must make sure that your source is legitimate and professional so that you can trust what you’re buying before you use it.

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