Republican Rep Lloyd Smucker of Pennsylvania has introduced two new bills hoping to help businesses

After American Republicans built the wall to address the “immigration crisis,” Republican Rep Lloyd Smucker hopes to fill American jobs with legal immigrants and non-citizens.

Lloyd Smucker, PA (R)

The introduced proposals “USA Workforce Tax Credit Act” and the “Workforce for an Expanding Economy Act” would “provide skills training through apprenticeships and fill available jobs to build a modern workforce.”

Smucker’s Workforce for an Expanding Economy Act would create an immigration visa system for less-skilled workers to hold typical full-time jobs. Pennsylvania Unemployment rate is the lowest in 19 years. Smucker looks to help business cope with a competitive labor market and low unemployment.

The USA Workforce Tax Credit Act is a proposed tax credit for donations for community-based apprenticeship initiatives, career and technical education institutions, community organizations, training institutes, community colleges, scholarship groups and labor union-affiliated nonprofits.

The 2 Billion Dollar tax credit would support job preparation initiatives and apprenticeships and, to an equal degree, educational preparedness scholarships.

lloyd smucker press immigrant

In Smucker’s Press Release the Executive Director of Bridging America’s Gap, Brett Melvin. who’s 501 c3 organization would financially benefit from the passing of Smucker’s proposals said, “The genius of Congressman Smucker’s tax credit is that it provides smaller businesses a way to redirect a portion of their tax payment to solve one of their greatest challenges, the lack of trained entry-level employees,”

A public critic of Smucker’s proposed Bills said “Entry level and trained don’t go together.” they added “These bills may feel like the right thing now, but in a poor economy, would be a disaster.”

It’s worth noting the largest source of illegal immigration is visa overstays. A study completed by the Center for Migration Studies of New York shows that people who overstay their visas account for 62% of newly undocumented individuals (illegal aliens). The Border Crises with Mexico accounts for 38%

Smucker’s new Bill would allow for more easily obtained visa’s and more visa overstays.

Also cited in Smuckers Press release is Tamar Jacoby. President of 501c3 organization ImmigrationWorks USA. Who’s goal is to reform americas immigration law.

Lloyd Smucker can be contacted by his constituency at his Offices in Red Lion, Lancaster, Hanover, and Washington DC