We constantly see Facebook posts from residents in the area disappointed in their internet options, from spotty wireless coverage to inflated, overpriced, and unreliable Comcast.

Shenandoah Telecommunications. SHEN, which operates the Glo Fiber brand, is expanding its services for residential and business customers in the following areas.

York Township, Dallastown Borough, Red Lion Borough, Yoe Borough, Windsor Borough, Windsor Township, Spring Garden Township, and others.

Shenandoah has already signed a “franchising agreement” with Red Lion Borough, a step required to install their services there.

Glo Fiber offers symmetrical internet speeds up to 70x faster than Comcast. In addition, their competitive offerings will provide better service for less cost than the long-standing go-to, Comcast.

Work has already begun in areas north of Red Lion. Construction is expected to run through 2023, with areas of greater demand prioritized for development.

We had the opportunity to speak to a representative from Glo Fiber, who indicated that their construction schedule is tentative for Red Lion. They would like to understand more about the demand to know what streets or developments to enter first.

They recommended that parties express their interest online by using their check-availability button. although it says, “we’re not planning anything in your area,” the information you provide is valuable in helping expedite installation in your community.

Glo Fiber

Is coming to town 

Check Availability

Direct-to-home fiber internet offers a reliable connection with higher speeds and capacity than cable and 5G. It is also more secure since fiber strands are less vulnerable to interference. Upload and download speeds are more consistent, and fiber optic cables are less prone to weather-related outages. Additionally, fiber internet is known for its low latency, meaning it takes less time for websites and applications to respond to requests. This makes it a great choice for online gaming and video streaming activities.

We’ve Tested Comcast’s Service, Comcast does provide reliable connections for a price – but their upload speed is limited by their technology even for their top tier business customers at 35mbps, or about 30x slower then the speeds available from GloFiber.

We’ve also tested 5G home internet from T-Mobile, the speeds are great for file downloading, but the latency when you’re using the service, or the loaded latency is high making it a poor choice for video-gaming, and video/audio chatting applications like google meet, or for live-streaming. This is a limitation of the 5G technology.