Yesterday, Tom Wolf, Governor of Pennsylvania re-affirmed his thoughts on Gun control in Pennsylvania.

In his statement on Twitter Tom Wolf referenced the anniversary of the Parkland Shooting. and the 2018 Tree Of Life Synagog Shooting.

Pennsylvania has been plagued by 19 mass shootings in 2018.

One mass shooting taking place in York, July 29th where 4 people were injured.

Overall Wolf wants to keep guns from dangerous people, stop selling guns without background checks, and regulate weapons designed for warfare.

Some in pennsylvannia argue that regulations would do nothing to stop people with the intent to do harm.

Gun Rights groups donated Hundreds of thousands of Dollars to PA Politicians in 2018

Gun control groups donate too.

On the same token, Many politicians receive equal or sometimes more money from Gun Control groups. This may put the actual voting body in PA at a disadvantage as many voting Pennsylvania’s are scared as to the source or reasoning behind the sums of money in support of gun control.

Incident Date City Or County # Killed # Injured
13-Dec-18 Philadelphia 0 4
19-Nov-18 Philadelphia 4 0
27-Oct-18 Pittsburgh 11 7
3-Oct-18 Philadelphia 1 4
28-Sep-18 Philadelphia 2 2
19-Sep-18 Masontown 1 4
23-Aug-18 Philadelphia 0 4
14-Aug-18 Wyncote 0 5
12-Aug-18 Pittsburgh (East Liberty) 0 4
8-Aug-18 Philadelphia 2 4
29-Jul-18 York 0 4
16-Jul-18 Philadelphia 1 4
22-Jun-18 Homestead (Munhall) 1 3
14-Jun-18 Philadelphia 0 4
9-Jun-18 Philadelphia 1 4
21-Apr-18 Philadelphia 2 2
28-Jan-18 Melcroft 5 0
28-Jan-18 Reading 4 0
23-Jan-18 Philadelphia 0 4