After Starting a Marijuana Listening Tour visiting 67 Pennsylvania Counties. Lt. Governor Fetterman and Gov. Tom Wolf is asking for your comments.

Whether you think Marijuana is bad or good. some are ready for recreational use in Pennsylvania.

It’s argued that recreational use in PA would responsible for a wealth of tax revenue. Colorado’s Record 1.5 Billion in sales in 2017 and a trend showing growth every year.

Others say recreational use would cause additional crime and violence. reports show otherwise.

In Washington State, which legalized marijuana for recreational use in 2013, the number of low-level court filings for marijuana fell by 98%

Data also suggests that it could help with Pennsylvania’s Opioid Crisis.

Some argue that there would be an increase in traffic crimes. The jury is still out. a 2013 study found that Some fatalities declined in states with Medical Marijuana, while a recent study shows an increase in the number of reported crash claims following marijuana legalization

Whatever your thoughts make sure your voice is heard.

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The Governor and Lt. Governor want to hear from you regarding Recreational Marijuana