Since the start of this trend of staying at home and events are getting canceled left and right, one of the things that worried me is the possibility that I might not be able to taste one of my favorite food in the world—Ramen. Ever since I have tasted my first bowl, ramen has always been my go-to meal. It’s the perfect meal to have after a long work week or something to enjoy with the people that matter to you.

Ramen fills and heals the hungry soul for many reasons.

The blend and flavor of ramen are like our lives. Each ingredient is different, but each one still has importance if making everything just right. Sometimes life throws you lemons, and everything just doesn’t go well as planned. However, don’t forget just to stop, don’t look back, relax, and just have time for yourself. That is why you have to treat yourself once in a while. Life isn’t about putting the whole world on your shoulders.

I admit that most of the time, I eat my ramen alone. I wanted just to savor the flavor and just forget about the world for a while. Having one bowl is kind of like patting yourself on the back or big hug. Of course, it’s best served hot with the finest ingredients out there.

Ramen has this unexplainable feeling and taste of comfort. This is actually what we need right now, especially in this current pandemic. When the world doesn’t feel right, I will go back to this favorite meal and just savor it as much as I can. Although I won’t be feeling the ambiance, since after all, we’re still not allowed to dine in most of the restaurants, I will always find time to just have at least my favorite meal once in a while.

Ramen may not be the exact cure to cure this whole pandemic, but at least the taste and the moment of eating it would remind you two things: “everything is going to be alright,” and “we will get through this. You did a great job this week.”

So for those who are craving for ramen (or any kind of Japanese food for that matter), you may consider going through the list of Japanese restaurants we listed out recently. Also, if you’re just nowhere near these places, you can try to make some simple ramen yourself. I prefer looking at this guide.

Don’t worry, be happy. Have a bowl of ramen!