That Pennsylvania State Department of Health recently reported that there had been a drop of new COVID-19 cases as counties slowly reopen. As of midnight Sunday, there have been 623 new cases, which is a decline of 366 cases from the day before.

Aside from this, the number of reported deaths is also declining. Also, as of Sunday midnight, the Department of Health reported only 15 deaths, which is a drop from the previous report of 61 within 24 hours.

This decline has begun in this ongoing period when counties in the state are slowly moving into the “yellow” phase of reopening. 49 out of 67 counties are now in the yellow phase. Currently, the confirmed total of COVID-19 cases is at 62,234, while the death toll is at 4,418. More than 270,670 people have been tested NEGATIVE for having COVID-19.

“As counties move from red to yellow, we need all Pennsylvanians to continue to follow the social distancing and mitigation efforts in place,” Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine stated previously. “We must continue to protect our most vulnerable Pennsylvanians, which includes our seniors, those with underlying health issues, our healthcare workers, and our first responders.”

In a press release sent by the Office of the Commissioners in the County of York, Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolf will be moving York County to the yellow phase of recovery. This will be implemented on Friday.

Governor Wolf and local state officials continue to urge citizens to practice social distancing, stay at home, and hope for everyone’s cooperation in flattening the curve.

As another reminder, here are some important notes that the general public needs to know once the yellow phase of recovery is already in place:

– Stay at Home order lifted

– Large gatherings of more than 25 prohibited

– All businesses reopening must follow social distancing and additional guidelines

– Retail (in‐person) permitted, curbside and delivery preferable

– Restaurants and bars limited to carry‐out and delivery only

– Child Care open complying with guidance

– Telework must continue where feasible

– Congregate Care and prison restrictions in place

– Schools remain closed for in‐person instruction

– Indoor recreation, health and wellness facilities and personal care services remain closed

– Gyms, spas, hair salons, nail salons and other entities providing massage therapy remain closed

– Entertainment (such as casinos, theaters) remain closed