Amazing Amish Vacation Homes in Lancaster, PA & Amazing Things To Do.

When visiting Susquehanna Valley and looking for entertaining things for the whole family, there are a lot of quality options to choose from.  Amish Country is often thought of as being mundane farmland with a few interesting sights.  This couldn’t be further than the truth.  From the activities to the vacation rentals, there is a lot to take in and admire when you’re looking for a fun time.

When you are looking at vacationing in Amish Country, you’ll have a wide selection of places to stay, including luxurious vacation homes for rent.  All exceptional options for those that are looking to vacation on a budget and still enjoy the finer things, there are a wide variety of rentals to consider for the smart traveller.

Things to do in Amish Country, PA

When you’re looking to truly enjoy an authentic vacation experience, you’ll find that Amish Country, PA is going to be able to offer you a wide variety of options that truly will be fun for the whole family.  Some of the most popular highlights include:

Strasburg Railroad

Have you ever been on a real steam train?  Most of us haven’t.  If you’re looking for all of the fun that a 45-minute ride can give you, than the Strasburg Rail Road is a wonderful place to start.  Relaxing and exciting with its first-class decor to give you the luxurious experience you want. With great touches of shops and dining onboard the train as well as at the station.  Perfect for the historian or locomotive lover.

Buggy Rides

Buggy rides are an absolutely must-do when you are visiting Amish Country, PA.  There are a wide variety of options available and you’ll find some focus on the bigger tourist routes, while others will give you a more in-depth view of Amish living. These rides are designed specifically for passengers to ask all of those questions they have related to Amish living. Ideal for the inquisitive people or just those who enjoy a ride in the open air, this is a wonderful adventure to consider. Abe’s Buggy Rides has great reviews and can tour private countryside views in authentic Amish Buggies

Amish Farmlands and Home Tour

Take a tour into the finest of details with the Amish Farmlands and Homes tour options.  You can explore public farmland, private farmland (with a guide) and even get a good look into a real Amish household.  These guided tours are loaded with all sorts of information and are fantastic for the adventurer who loves to get in and under the tiny details.  This is also great for artists and writers who are hoping to get an inside view on this unique way of life.

Vacation Homes to Rent

Some of the largest, prettiest, or rural homes in Lancaster, PA are available to rent, with instant confirmation on VRBO a vacation home rental site. Check them out here

When the time comes to pack up and head to Amish Country, PA you’ll be well-equipped to make the most out of your time there.  From the affordable, luxurious vacation rentals, to the exciting and refreshing activities that are waiting for you, there is much to anticipate about your upcoming adventure.  Now all that’s left is for you to go on out there and enjoy it!