It was a long and winding road for the DeNunzios, owners of Mad Moon Marketplace in Red Lion. It’s been about two years since they opened in August 2018. Many in town were pleased to have them and would shop often. Always known for their interesting and unique items. Such as an Old French Maid Outfit, or those collectible Christmas Ornaments that Grandma used to have. Mad Moon was a “local vendor marketplace” for all sorts of collectible and interesting items. Their Slogan was “We Sell Memories.”

Before they opened the marketplace in Red Lion, they had owned an ice cream shop that they sold when their third child was born. As well as experience opening restaurants for three different corporations.

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well! I would just like to inform you we unfortunately will not be reopening. I…

Posted by Mad Moon Marketplace, LLC on Friday, May 8, 2020

“It has created a financial challenge for us,” Mr. DeNunzios said when speaking about the Covid-19 Epidemic. “Mounting building and operational costs, and no idea when we would be able to reopen” They made the decision to not renew their lease in the best interest of their family.

“Our guests, Community, Vendors, Landlords, other local small businesses and neighbors were the greatest part of this adventure”

We asked Mr. DeNunzios what he would do now – “Just focus on our safety and community” and “Return to the workforce if hired.”

It’s no doubt there are mounting pressures on businesses all over the County as they were asked to close their businesses to prevent the spread of Covid-19. It seems possible that the permanent economic toll of the virus is only just now beginning to present itself.