American Girl Musical, Live Event at the Strand Capital in York, PA

            Ifyou’ve got a little girl in your life who loves American Girl, this AmericanGirl Live Event is going to be the ideal option for when you’re looking to makeher entire year.  With tours throughoutthe states, help the dreamer in your life see her heroes on stage in aprofessional musical that is going to impress all members of the audience.  All you have to do is take a look at whenthis hyped show is coming to our city and you’ll be able to take in the magicas well.

What is the American Girl Musical?

            Needto brush up on your American Girl knowledge? No problem.  Starting out purelyas a doll company, American Girl has grown into an empire that uses dolls topromote a strong future for all those who believe in what it can be.  With strong feminine figures depicted inthese wide variety of dolls, your little one will enjoy playing with thesedolls and educating herself on her potential for the future as well.

            Thisshow is a professional musical that features on five best friends who go away tosummer camp together and find themselves in tricky situations that require themto band together and be a team. Throughout the musical adventure, their dolls Rebecca, Maryellen, Julie,Nanea, Luciana, and Melody offer advice and support to help the team achievetheir dreams and understand the power of friendship.

            Bestof all, the musical numbers will all reflect the various eras of each camperand her doll, making this a truly engaging show for anyone who wants to enjoythe attitude, the music and the overall motivating effect it can have on allviewers.

The Strand Capitol, York, PA’s Premier Venue

            Are you convinced yet?  Great, there’s no better venue to enjoy this much-anticipated American Girl Live event than at The Appell Center (Strand) for the Performing Arts right here in York, PA.  A majestic spot that is going to add to the ambiance of the entire event to your child’s delight.  Full of comfortable seating with the rich touches that make this a magical spot all on its own, this is the ideal location for when you want to explore the musical adventure that this professional group is putting on for you, your  young dreamer, and anyone else that wants to come along to enjoy it.

            From a great venue to a fantastic, professional show that promotes strength, friendship and courage in young girls, this American Girl Live Event is not something that you are going to want to miss, no matter how old you are!