Residents of Southern York County will no longer have to either drive to Shrewsbury or Market St, York for their Taco Bell Fix. Early in 2016 Taco Bell announced that it would be updating its restaurants across the country

The new Taco Bell on 2054 S, Queen St in York, PA is open for business in a whole new updated building. The building went up quickly, and the result is a modern structure with new bathrooms, advanced equipment, and dining area. Borrowing some interior design from fast food company Chipotle the new interior is pleasing to the eye.

Taco-bell is now selling their sauces on Amazon and people are going crazy! A few flavors top the most purchased are flying off the shelves

Outdoor seating of Taco Bell

The outdoor seating area wasn’t set up due to weather, and it appears as though you’ll be able to eat your taco outside when the weather is more pleasant.

The Drive through is still there with riders pulling in the upper entrance and driving around the building like before.