Red Lion’s been no stranger to the ravages of viral mitigations efforts, but these entrepreneurial spirits are planning to open up a bar, and it’s a good thing. With the closure of the Broadway Ale House and their move to Hanover during the depths of the lockdowns. Lion Bowl, a cornerstone of Red Lion Businesses, plans to take the next step and offer another option to it’s thirsty residents.

The Zelger Family have owned the bowling center for years. Many Red Lion residents remember bowling there as children, and now take their own kids there so they can share the enjoyment.

Patrons getting set to Bowl On Thursday Night. January 22

Check out a Sneak Peak at Scrubby’s

The final details are still in the works, but Mike Zelger, Owner of Lion Bowl reports that it should be open, optimistically, Late February. More realistically, a few months after.  They also plan to offer traditional pub food under the name of Sheb’s Kitchen, the nickname of Mike’s Mother.  Check out more about scrubby’s at their website

While we were there there was quite a crowd bowling and excited to have beer options while they play their favorite sport.

The new Tap Room is still under construction. Things are moving along well but, They Found a lot of history on the walls of this Red Lion Business.

Historical writings on the wall for Bowling Ball Finger Sizes

Mike is very excited to open up the tap room, The Red Lion Area Business Association is planning an grand opening event, so be sure to follow them and the bowling alley, or scrubby’s on facebook and look for updates when the Scrubby’s will open.

The bowling center will still have a pro shop, where bowlers can order new, and customize their bowling ball.

Pro Services in Lion Bowl