Are Mail-in Ballots “RIPE for FRAUD” or a “horrible thing”

All Pennsylvanians can request a mail-in ballot if they are registered to vote, and we spoke to Pa Legislatures who have said there are no plans to mail ballots or application to registered voters.

Trump recently tweeted that mail-in ballots are not a good option. In an article on the Pittsburgh City Paper voters registered as Republicans are receiving mail-in ballot applications from the Republican Party. According to City Paper, a registered republican Votor in Allegheny county received a Mail-In Ballot sent by the RNC.

Do Mail-in Ballots encourage fraud?

There is some evidence, but there is no reason to deny citizens the right to vote because they are not able to visit the polls, many people in Pennsylvania may not know they can vote by mail, and there isn’t and push to start any awareness campaign. calls it an Overreaction

There is no evidence to back up Trump’s blanket claim that “mailed ballots are corrupt.” Voting experts say the president is exaggerating when he says mail ballots are “fraudulent in many cases.” While the instances of voter fraud via mail-in or absentee ballots are more common than in-person voting fraud, the number of known cases is relatively rare.