Although numbers of Coronavirus cases have seemed to be slowly declining in PA lately, there has been a spike record of 554 deaths on Tuesday, making the total death count in the state at 3,012 so far.

According to the state Department of Health, the large number of new deaths that were released to the public on Tuesday were spread out over the previous two weeks as it reconciles its figures with death reports from local hospitals and related agencies.

Although this death count seems to look alarming, it appears that the growth in cases has been slow in many parts of Pennsylvania and the administration of Gov. Tom Wolf is now in the process of lightening its restrictions on business and leisure activities.

Gov. Tom Wolf previously announced that he would be lifting some restrictions to specific outdoor activities. Golf courses, private owned campgrounds, marinas, and guided fishing trips are some of these related activities. Campgrounds in state parks are not allowed to open and will remain closed through May 14. However, nail salons, hair salons, gyms, and theaters are still not allowed to reopen.