Around for much longer than the Chesapeake Bay, there are all sorts of water- and recreational-based activities to enjoy on your own, with a partner, or with the whole family. Some of the top hits to enjoy this season include the well-loved and frequently listed areas below.

Fun and unique Susquehanna River recreation activities

While not a complete list of everything fun to do in the general area, this list includes some of the most exciting places to visit to take in the sights and enjoy some time in the right, old fashioned fresh air.

  1. Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area: For the action-loving family that wants to enjoy the thrill of the area in true form, this is an ideal area to enjoy. Ripe with all sorts of fast-paced options, including ATVs, dirt bikes, and more, this rider-focused area has many trails and common areas that are perfect for off-roading. Intended for drivers and riders of all experience levels, this is a safe and maintained selection of trails that gives drivers access to all sorts of new challenges. So fun that the kids will want to come back time and time again, this trail system is popular amongst speed enthusiasts of all ages.
  2. Bald Eagle State Forest: For those families looking for true breathtaking sights and a beautiful nature-based stop, Bald Eagle State Forest is a must-see. This is a gorgeous, large are that spans all over the ridges of and not to mountain streams and more. With all sorts of natural beauty around you, you’ll see fewer better spots to enjoy all kinds of interweaving trails impressive camera-ready vistas, and colorful vibrant fall foliage that will have professional photographers flocking in.
Photo Courtesy East Coast Explorer – Google

For the family that enjoys walking and hiking on maintained trails, this is a beautiful option with seemingly endless things to admire.

  1. Susquehanna State Park: You can’t visit the beautiful area of Susquehanna River and not visit the state park, right? Sharing its name with the beautiful region, this is an excellent spot for photos, picnics, and also a wide variety of souvenirs. This will take you close to the arch street bridge — a great pit stop if you’re interested — and you’ll be able to do all sorts of water-based actives including riverboat tours, fishing, and general boating. This is a great way to enjoy all the river itself has to offer.
  2. City Island Park: For a little bit of everything all thrown in together, City Island Park is a beautiful stop that will entertain everyone in your whole family. You’ll be able to enjoy everything from scenic walking trails that offer unique views due to being in the middle of the river, and plenty of rest stops for photos. Also, you’ll find a diverse kid-friendly playground and even an arcade. For a little bit of friendly competition, why not take on mini-golf? It’s all here in the City Island Park and is a popular spot for families to enjoy while making sure that both parents and kids get to enjoy themselves.
  3. Bic’s Watersports: When the time comes to actually get in the water, this venue will be great for boating, kayaking and canoeing. With all sorts of rentable kayaks and canoes, this relaxing area is perfect for simply enjoying the beauty of the water. One of the features that Bic’s offers is drop off points so that boaters can be dried off and a particular point and the find their way back to the base and leave from the same place that they started. Those with all levels of experience are welcome and there’s no better way to admire the Susquehanna River than to actually get out on it!
  4. Balloons Rides Daily: For something entirely thrilling and photo-ready, consider taking on the sights with a bird’s eye view! Operating daily at scheduled times for sunrise and sunset flights, you can take on the sky with a beautiful experienced pilot to help you see the world and river like you’ve never seen it before. If you have an event scheduled, you can also rely on this team of professionals to offer a tethered balloon or even a flying balloon for all those who love it most. This is certainly an experience that the kids will never forget.

In order to guarantee your comfort and satisfaction when you are taking in the glory of the Susquehanna River, don’t forget to take the time to learn about water quality advisements that may be in place. Any local spot that offers water services can provide you with more information to help you understand what advisements are in place, as well as what they actually mean.

For example, currently, there is an advisement in place right now for the river in terms of higher than average levels of bacteria. Now common for those who call this river valley home, this advisement is more for those who plan on cooking what they catch. It does not apply to those who are looking to simply get out on the water and enjoy it by swimming, boating or kayaking.

Susquehanna river recreation is about taking on something new and experiencing with the whole family.

With a whole variety of top-shelf options to help please all imaginations, ages, and personalities, you’ll have a memorable season by taking in the sights through any or all of these popular visitor spots. Plus, there’s never been a better time to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh, clean air while keeping your distance.