The Pennsylvania game Commission is live streaming inside a Black Bear Den with 3 Cubs!

Inside a black bear den
Historical Image from Cam

The Pennsylvania Game Commission and HDOnTap has launched a live stream of a Monroe County black-bear den. It’s cramped quarters underneath the Deck of a Monroe County Home. The Audio and Video is captured in real time. and you may catch a glimse of 3 cubs as the Sow adjusts and nurses them as they hibernate over the winter

We originally started following this bear in 2018 and continue to update our page

Watch the Black Bear Live Stream Here

The Live stream has ended, since the bear and her cubs have left the den. Scroll down to see the highlights. and if the live stream ever return,s we’ll show it here.

Click the Image or Here to view the Live Stream.

The PA Game Commission is asking users to “Refrain from naming the sow and her cubs to respect them as wild animals.” We can expect more of a show later in March as cubs will become more active and visible.

2020 Preliminary Bear Harvest Data

The PA Game Commission has released numbers on the bears harvested in PA for the 2020 hunting season so far. With a Total of 3592 bears harvested from across the state.

The Record for the Largest Bear Harvested this year is from Fulton County at a staggering 719 pounds. Second place is Pike County with 657 pounds.

Potter County takes the record this year for most Bears Culled at 187. A close second place from Lycoming County with 186

The Commonwealth issues approximately 170000 bear tags each year with only about 2% of those tags actually being used.

Previous Season Highlights