The Pennsylvania game Commission is live streaming inside a Black Bear Den

Inside a black bear den
Historical Image from Cam

The Pennsylvania Game Commission and HDOnTap has launched a live stream of a Monroe County black-bear den. The Audio and Video is captured in real time.

Watch the Black Bear Live Stream Here

Click the Image or Here to view the Live Stream.

The PA Game Commission is asking users to “Refrain from naming the sow and her cubs to respect them as wild animals.” We can expect more of a show later in March as cubs will become more active and visible.

Bear Harvest 2018 Data

The Pennsylvania Game Commission also released 2018 Bear Season Numbers. The county with the most bears harvested is Tioga County, with 166 Bears. Second place is Clinton and Lycoming Counties with 158 Bears each.

Largest Bear Harvest in PA 2018

  • 780 lbs. — FOREST — RIFLE
  • 708 lbs. — LUZERNE — RIFLE
  • 704 lbs. — CLEARFIELD — RIFLE
  • 697 lbs. — CLINTON — RIFLE
  • 688 lbs. — MONROE — EXTENDED
  • 680 lbs. — CLEARFIELD — RIFLE
  • 679 lbs. — WARREN — RIFLE
  • 666 lbs. — JEFFERSON — RIFLE
  • 627 lbs. — JEFFERSON — RIFLE

Additional information on PA’s 2018 Bear Data, Including detailed harvest locations is available at PA’s 2018 Bear Harvest Report