Helping the community, feeding the needy, and doing what’s right. That what it means for Jerry Philachowski’s and it was his idea to do what he can to fight the Corona Virus. Starting several weeks ago Jerry’s “Little Food Pantry” started on the side of the road in Red Lion PA. in a tent that he purchased and setup himself. Shortly after it faced downpours, floods, and high-winds.

That didn’t deter the group of people who now work together to organize and distribute the donations that are coming in, from places like, D&K surplus grocery, Tractor Supply, Roma’s Pizza, Wise, and Maple Donuts and even a company in California

The Pantry is located at one of the highest points in the county, and that means that it’s been bombarded with some of the worst winds in the area. But that hasn’t stopped them, reinforcing the broken pipes with ratchet-straps, and supporting the roof with PVC reinforced pool noodles, Jerry has rebuild the pantry stronger each time the wind has come to knock on the door.

The Little Pantry has had its share of challenges and when it comes to helping the community Jerry’s no dummy. “There’s people out there, it’s been 5-6 weeks and they still haven’t gotten unemployment.” And that’s why he thinks it’s important that you take what you need-It’s pretty simple, and he says it’s been great. People have been honest and extremely helpful. All you have to do is stop by, bring a couple bags and take what you need.

Alot of people are asking what’s needed and drop things off. Jerry posts the in demand items on his facebook

People have been asking what we need for the Red Lion Little Free Food Pantry. Today we need canned potatoes, paper…

Posted by Jerry Pilachowski on Monday, April 27, 2020

“One day we couldn’t keep Ketchup in here, now we’ve got ketchup out the wazoo.” Managing the donations so the they don’t go to waste can be a lot of work. “there is a lot of things people need.” From Canned Beans to diapers, Toilet Paper and Napkins, Jerry is getting donations from business and people across the Susquehanna Valley and it’s amazing what the community can do for good.

If you are in need and would like to visit the Pantry, please park along the road and just stop in, no need to call ahead. No forms to fill out, it’s just people helping people in this time of great need. and the world could use a few more Jerries.