A 19-year-old boy is currently on the run after killing his girlfriend’s father. A reliable news source reports that the incident happened around 8:30 pm, Monday, in 2600 block of North Bosnall Street in North Philly.

The situation was just a simple love quarrel, then turned for the worse when the boy took the gun and shot the father in the head.  Police went to the scene to found the 46-year-old father lifeless with gunshot wounds to his head.

As of this report, the boy is wanted by the police and still on the run.

According to investigators, the boy was fighting with his girlfriend when his father intervened between them. The teen immediately drove away, escaping the scene. Authorities stated that they have already identified the boy now has details about the vehicle he used.

Susquehanna Signal will continue to give you updates on this news when a new police report will be posted. [Developing Story]