It was an emotional day in Harrisburg as hundreds attended the vigil on Wednesday for Tyrone Gibson, a 14-year-old boy who was shot and killed this week by unnamed assailants. He was the oldest of 6 brothers.

Hundreds gathered together in the spot where the boy was killed. Those who attended were mostly Tyrone’s family and friends. His mother, Chiquita Reeves, stated in an interview with Pennlive “I felt a piece of me break, out my heart. It ripped it,”.

Tyron Gibson was shot dead in an alley, the 2300 block of Central Street, around the corner from his house. He went to go to the store along with some friends. As of this time, the police are still investigating the incident and who was responsible for this crime. “That was my best friend. I could talk to him, he was there,” Reeves expressed.

Reeves expressed that his son was responsible, cheerful, and filled with so much enthusiasm to fulfill his dreams. One of the dreams that Tyrone wanted to accomplish was to get his mother a new house.

She believes that everything that happened this week was not an accident. She hopes to get more of the story, and hopefully, those who were with Tyrone during those last few hours would get to explain their side of the story to help police investigation further.

“When I say my last goodbye, my son is going to tell me who did this to him. Who took him from his family,” Reeves said. “I want justice. I don’t care how it come. I want justice.”

As a way to help the family in this tragic moment, a GoFundMe page has been put up. All the money earned on the site will go to Tyrone’s funeral and other costs. Note that this is the only campaign sanctioned by the family.