“My administration is doing everything that it can to help those impacted by this situation,”

Tom Wolf, Governor

Today, January 23rd, 2019 Governor Tom Wolf provided a press release describing what his office is doing to help those affected by the longest government shutdown in history.

Pennsylvania is temporarily using state funds to fill the gaps and reduce the strain on local government offices and state programs that rely on federal funding.

Department of Human Services S.N.A.P.

The 1.8 million Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients in Pennsylvania received their February benefits on January 18. These benefits must stretch through February, after which the fate of the program is unknown. The department notified SNAP recipients of the change.

Department of Transportation

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has provided $7.1 Million in unreimbursed federal expenses for operating and capital costs. This in effort to assist rural and urban public transportation

State Capitol

“I urge businesses and creditors to show compassion for federal employees that are not being paid.”

Tom Wolf, Governor

Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

A high resolution elevation study involving Federal Funding is on hold, The data was to be used to allow for efective flood and emergancy planning

Department of Community and Economic Development

Pennsylvania Business One-Stop Shop is helping Small Businesses waiting on Federal Small Business Administration loans in an unspecified way.

“I hope that the President will agree to accept the bipartisan funding bills and continue his fight over the wall for another day without the pain of this shutdown for workers, their families, and their communities. It is time for this to end before the consequences are even more dire.”

Tom Wolf, Governor

Wolf said in a final statement urging the President to fight for his wall another day, and not at the expense of government workers. This being the longest partial shutdown in history the effects may not be felt yet, and one can only speculate about how this will affect the Government, The Nation, and it’s people.