In a press release sent by the Office of the Commissioners in the County of York, Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolf will be moving York County to the yellow phase of recovery. This will officially be implemented on May 22, 2020. This is one step to reopening the county’s economy, especially while in this ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

“York County has made significant strides forward in combating this deadly virus,” said York County President Commissioner Julie Wheeler. “We are appreciative of the hard work and sacrifice by York countians. Together with our community’s business and non‐profit leaders, government officials, and all of York County, we look forward to reopening in a safe and effective manner.”

Here are some important notes that the general public needs to know once the yellow phase of recovery is already in place on Friday:

– Stay at Home order lifted

– Large gatherings of more than 25 prohibited

– All businesses reopening must follow social distancing and additional guidelines

– Retail (in‐person) permitted, curbside and delivery preferable

– Restaurants and bars limited to carry‐out and delivery only

– Child Care open complying with guidance

– Telework must continue where feasible

– Congregate Care and prison restrictions in place

– Schools remain closed for in‐person instruction

– Indoor recreation, health and wellness facilities and personal care services remain closed

– Gyms, spas, hair salons, nail salons and other entities providing massage therapy remain closed

– Entertainment (such as casinos, theaters) remain closed

“We are very grateful for the support of the York County Economic Alliance and their

collaboration on the Task Force, and all they are doing to support our economy,”

Wheeler said. “The YoCo Strong Recovery Task Force was formed three weeks ago in anticipation of

moving into recovery and is making considerable progress in ensuring preparations for our future.”

Governor Wolf and local state officials continue to urge citizens to practice social distancing, stay at home, and hope for everyone’s cooperation in flattening the curve together.