Now signed into law, Act 95, by Governor Tom Wolf, is now in effect.

The Law amends Title 75, Pennsylvania Law Book for vehicles. Title 75 contains the laws for just about everything related to vehicles, including Inspections, Insurance, Turn Signals and The Laws in play that govern when you can receive a traffic citation.

The now, in effect and amended law book will now ensure that “driving privilege suspension will no longer be imposed for certain non-highway safety violations, including substance abuse violations.

“The General Assembly stepped up and enacted this commonsense legislation that promotes smart sentencing reform but there is more work to do,” Gov. Wolf said. in a statement.

“We must ensure penalties promote rehabilitation, instead of the opposite…”

The Law that Act 95 amended was one Congress enacted in an attempt to punish drug crimes in the early 1990s.

PA’s Act 95 now allows that the state will no longer automatically suspend around 20,000 drivers licenses each year for reasons that don’t include driving offenses.