The First Hemp Processing plant is set to open in Red Lion, PA. They are looking for PA farmers interested in growing

A Social and Informative dinner will take place 6:30pm Wednesday, March 20th at Wyndridge Farm, in Dallastown. The Buffet Dinner is hosted by Groff North America and Farmacy Partners. The dinner aims to educate farmers on how to grow and harvest hemp, the byproducts, sustainability benefits, and how it fits into a typical crop rotations.

The event can be viewed here, and tickets can be purchased online.

Groff NA is an agriculture company that processes hemp on a large scale for it’s industrial and consumer benefits. Groff NA will open the first hemp processing facility in Red Lion, PA.

Farmacy Partners is a health and wellness retail store that offers hemp based products and education. The store is open to anyone who wants to sit down and enjoy free wifi along with Collaborative Workspace for groups who want to have an off-site meeting.

The planned Red Lion processing plant will be the future home for Groff NA. The advanced facility will house the United States First “HempTrain advanced decorticator” for processing full bales of hemp. This Facility will be able to process 2000lbs/hr of hemp and is the only Decorticator Capable of Producing CBD & bio-nutrient rich green microfiber.

Ryan Dohm, from Groff NA in an interview stated “The Hemplex will consist of hemp processing, extraction, and final packaging for consumer products.”

Hemp is set to take the country by storm. Will Pennsylvania Farmers switch from their current staples to grow Hemp? – If you’re a farmer and want to grow hemp or are growing hemp, we want to hear from you! Please contact us.