In a welcoming turn out of events at York Township on Tuesday night, the rezoning request for the land previously occupied by Red Lion Country Club was turned down. The Board of Commissioners in a 4-1 vote chose not to transform the 58-acre property from a commercial to a residential high density zone. The decision was met with cheerful applause by numerous community members present.

Dating back several months, this vote follows a long line of vocal protests from both York Township and Red Lion residents who stood in opposition to the rezoning. They expressed concerns of the negative outcomes the rezoning would bring–such as a disturbance to local wildlife, increased traffic and potential reduction in living standards for current residents. Over 100 concerned citizens in July showed up at a meeting to convey their apprehensions.

It’s noteworthy to mention that the commissioners were not only influenced by the impressive turn out at the July assembly, but have also received over 200 correspondence pieces from residents expressing their objection to the proposed rezoning.

Currently owned by the Red Lion School District and valued at $1.6 million, the future of this land is not clear since the potential sale to a housing developer was dependent on the successful rezoning. So, the community waits to see what comes next following the denial of the rezoning ordinance.