Hotel open for “2019” to be built next to Dutch Wonderland.

Cartoon Network and Palace Entertainment are working together to build the first Cartoon Network Hotel in the world in Lancaster County.

Palace Entertainment, an amusement and entertainment company based in Newport Beach, California, and owned by Spanish company, Parques Reunidos, based in Madrid, Spain.

Palace entertainment, in 2010 acquired Dutch Wonderland from Hershey Entertainment & Resorts. Dutch Wonderland is themed for families and small children.

Palace Entertainment could not be reached for comment.

Cartoon Network Hotel

“You’ve never stayed in a hotel like this.” written on the hotels splash page, and “From the front lobby to the kitchen, you’ll see characters from Adventure TimeWe Bare BearsThe Powerpuff Girls and Ben 10 working to make your stay that much more special…and hilarious.”


The Hotel will be located at, 2285 Lincoln Highway East, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17602, next to Dutch Wonderland and The Old Mill Stream Campground.

The nine-acre Cartoon Network Hotel & Resort will feature 165 hotel rooms and suites. These rooms will feature interchangeable theming to match your Childs preference.

Cartoon Network president Christina Miller, said in a statement that the hotel will incorporate “just the right mix of technology, design and animation” 

People all over the world are excited for the opening. Members of the Susquehanna Valley are excited that such a unique and interesting idea is coming to the Susquehanna Valley.

The Hotel & Resort Plans to open in 2019

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