With Most workers reporting to work in the morning. The timing of this storm could prove hazardous.

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Watch

Forecasted Snow Totals – University of Maine

Starting early in the morning, around 7-8AM snow moves into the Susquehanna Valley. Forecasts for snow totals vary widely from source to source. The NAM computer forecast puts us around 4 inches of snow. With other sources showing a forecasted total of 7 inches as of 12:15PM Tuesday.

This could turn into a Traffic Fiasco across the Susquehanna Valley as most people will have to report to work in the morning before the snow comes to their area and will leave throughout the day as the snow become worse. expect the precipitation to continue into the night, Turning to Wintery mix in the late afternoon and evening.

Stay Tuned with Susquehanna Signal for more updates on Traffic and Weather as the storm progresses.

Data Provided from the University of Maine.