Why is this moon called the Snow Moon? What’s with all the Moon Names?

Supermoon 2019: Why Is February’s Full Moon Known As Super Snow Moon? Tonight on February 19, a full Moon will rise in the night sky, known as a Snow Moon.

Last month saw the Wolf Moon, March is the Worm Moon and February the Snow Moon.

February’s Moon is known as the Snow Moon as it was a time when there would be the most snow on the ground in some parts of the United States.

This month’s Full Moon is regarded as special not just due to it being the Snow Moon, but because it is also a Supermoon.

A Supermoon is a Full Moon that appears larger in the sky than usual, as it is the closest in its orbit to the Earth.

Supermoon with snow and Humans walking under it's immense glory
Dramatization – Not Actual Size

Slooh astronomer Dr Paige Godfrey explains: “A Supermoon is a celestial wonder because it is when the moon can appear nearly 30 percent brighter and almost 14 percent larger than a typical full moon.”

February can also be a month that sees no Full Moon at all – something which occurs once every 19 years.