Shadesville Hub & Corner Cafe in Red Lion, PA to host Red Lion Ale Smiths. Bringing another taproom option to town.

The Owners of Shadesville Hub, Jimmy and Sherry are Red Lion Natives and they own the building. The exciting development comes as welcome news to residents. “Its exciting.” one resident said. “Especially since Black Cap Brewing closed their doors, I think this will do a lot of good in town.”

Ed Miller, Chris Grothe, and Rich Day. Owners of Red Lion Ale Smiths will be brewing in the renovated basement. and serving on 8 precisely chilled taps in the upcoming tap house

In an interview – Owner of Shadesville, Jimmy speaks about the exciting rustic design, the incorporation of modern technology and other unique inclusions to the space at Shadesville.

“Were going to have chillers for the glasses, these chillers will precisely control the temperature of the glass to the optimal drinking temperature.” he adds “we’re going to have a rustic theme with old timbers and Red Lion history”

The Taproom will have 8 taps on rotation featuring the creative crafting of the Red Lion Ale Smiths. Food will be available from the already successful and delicious corner cafe at Shadesville. The hours are limited by Pennsylvania law but you can expect them to be in service in the afternoon and evening hours.

They expect to have construction finished by April 1st, no joke, and progress is already moving forward quickly. Make sure to check back with Susquehanna Signal for Updates.