Friday, November 5th, 8:12 pm – The York County Board of Commissioners issued a press release apologizing to all voters across the county’s 159 polling locations. The Press Release is summarized as.

York County is the local government entity that organizes, plans and, executes elections. In the release, the York County Commissioners express their belief that “the civic duty of voting to be a hallmark of the public trust instilled in the county government by the citizens of this county.”

“One machine per polling place was simply not enough to move smoothly.”

Ballots that were put in the machines’ emergency holding boxes will be scanned at the polling places by the election officials.

The York County Commissioners and the York County Board of Elections are working to correct the problem for the special election on January 14th for the 48th State Senate seat – after that the PResidential Primary on April 28th

Finally the release thanks York County Citizens for participating in the election and for exhibiting patience with the county’s new voting system.