As more Coronavirus cases have been confirmed in York County, state police have implemented a face mask order where customers going inside grocery stores and other businesses are required to wear masks upon entry.

This order had to be made to prevent the continuous spread of the novel coronavirus disease, which has caused thousands of people in the whole country dead while many confined in the hospital. As of this writing, there have been 593 confirmed coronavirus cases in York Country alone with eight deaths.

The general public now has to wear face masks upon entry to the mentioned establishments. Those who do not comply will be denied entry. The only individuals exempted from this order are those that cannot wear a mask due to a medical condition.

The state police have also stated that those establishments who do not follow these strict protocols will also be given enforcement action.

During a news conference, Gov. Tom Wolf stated that wearing a mask help keep others safe and would lessen the chances of getting infected. “If you want to interact with others, then have some regard for their safety,” Wolf said, “and wearing a mask is just something that now has become a fundamental thing of this new life that we’re in.”

State Department of Health spokesman Nate Wardle said that “We are expecting businesses, and the public to comply with this order and to do the right things to protect the health of all Pennsylvanians,.”

For those who wish to get food for their families but having fears of going out due to the ongoing pandemic, pickup and delivery options are available for many establishments in the area.

Stay Safe, Pennsylvania!