If you have a pooch at home then you know all about the mess that they can make. While they plenty of mess inside the house, they also make a lot of mess outside the house — specifically when going for walks when it is raining, muddy and otherwise. Are you tired of dealing with that mess as well as the bath that goes along with it? If so, then you’re going to find relief — and hilarity — in these four-legged dog pants.

What are four-legged dog pants?

One of the neatest details about this dog pants is that they are as simple as they sound: they’re pants that you can put on your dog and they will cover all four legs and buck up over their back like a harness often does. These pants are designed to be worn by your dog when he goes out for a walk and it’s raining, or when you know that he just likes to roll in the dirt and mud and you don’t want to have to clean him up every single time. Another way to think about it is as if they were wind pants or snow pants for your dog.

Where did this idea come from?

So, where did this admittedly strange idea come from in the first place? Like any regular crazy idea these days, it came from the internet. A teenager mused online how strange it would be if a dog wore pants and how, in any case, would they be worn? Over his hind legs with a hole for his tail? Or around all four legs?

Well, in true internet fashion, everyone had an opinion on the “proper” way that dogs should wear pants and they voiced their opinions complete with pictures and drawings. The conclusion that most internet experts reached was that the pants should be worn over all four legs and cover their underbellies.

From there, the formal and professional opinion on actual dog pants was formed and the internet took off with it! End of story, right? Maybe it’s something that you share on social media with your dog-loving friends, but otherwise the trend is done and over with. Far from it, however.

Are they a real thing?

You may be surprised to know that four-legged dog pants are much more than just a sloppy sketch or drawing. That drawing and the level of excitement around it was just the beginning of an idea for Canadian entrepreneur, Muddy Mutts.

Muddy Mutts Underbody Dog Apparel | Muddy Mutts
Muddy Mutts Dog Apparel are perfect for all seasons. They are not a fashion garment, but rather an essential piece of outdoor clothing for your pet.

Thus, Muddy Mutts was born. It used the same idea to create lightweight nylon waders to cover the four legs and underbelly for dogs. They even have reflector strips on the ankles to help make sure that they are easily spotted in low lighting! They are available in a selection of sizes a huge a hit for those that take their dogs outside a lot and are tired of the hassle of baths after their pooch gets covered in mud.

Why do I need them for my furry friend?

So, now that you know these are an actual real business idea that is getting some real traction amongst dog owners and fashionistas all over the place, why do you need to get a pair for your own furry friend? After all, your dog already has enough cute clothes, right? But dog pants are about so much more than that.

  • They’re sized to fit your dog’s breed: There are a lot of options out there for sizes already, so you’ll get a pair that are going to be designed for your dog’s breed itself. This is great for those that worry a lot about fit and ease of use when sizing the pants to fit themselves. These have all of the same perks in sizing and comforts for your pooch.
  • They’re great for photoshoots: Your dog is going to look adorable in these full coverage pants, you have to admit. If you love the idea of taking great photos to show your friends and families, you’ll love the shots these give you. So, it kinda is about the cute clothes, really. But there’s a lot more…
  • They’re a great way to support the “little guy”: Now more than ever it’s cool to think about getting something incredible and still supporting the local small business. This is a way to enjoy some fun and also make sure that you are doing your part for the economy of that small business that is hoping to pull through.
  • They’re actually useful: Then there’s the excellent detail that, like winter gear for your dog, these are actually useful. They’re great for ease of wear and they’re going to make cleaning up after a walk in the rain so much easier. For those that go hunting or hiking, this is especially helpful and practical to keep their dog in on the fun.
  • They won’t harm your dog: They’re designed for dogs first and foremost, so yo won’t need to worry about comfort or practicality in anything to do with your dog’s freedom of movement or comfort. They are as practical and dependable as you’d expect the human equivalent to be!

Regardless of your thoughts on the drawing that inspired the original design for dog pants, you can’t help but admit that these pants are pretty great for anyone that wants to bring their dogs into their outdoor lifestyle and still make sure that they stay as mess-free and comfortable as possible. A sure must-have for pooch parents of all kinds, the people tell us that dog pants are here and they’re here to stay. Grab them while you can and enjoy the perks in everything from photoshoots to heading out for a fishing trip with your furry friend right next to you.