If you’re looking for a podcast series that talks about wildlife, hunting, habitat, and conservation across the Keystone State, then here’s something for you, listeners!

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has recently launched a podcast series called Call of the Outdoorsin which talks about the mentioned topics above. The show is hosted by Matt Morrett, Game Commission Marketing Director, and world turkey calling champion.

Podcasts are a growing popular medium nowadays. Since we are currently recommended to stay at home, this might be a great time to give the series a listen.

“We are excited and proud to share this podcast with people who love Pennsylvania wildlife as much as we do at the Game Commission,” said Morrett. “Listeners will get an inside look into how wildlife is managed here in Penn’s Woods and hopefully gain a new sense of knowledge and pride in their state wildlife agency.”

In conjunction with Pennsylvania’s statewide spring gobbler season, the first three episodes of the podcast feature highly-recognized turkey hunters, namely “Bone Collector” Founder Michael Waddell, Country Music Superstar Black Shelton, and Game Commission Executive Director Bryan Burhans.

Here some information about the podcast’s first three episodes:

Episode 1: “We are Hunters, Our Heritage is Deep,” featuring Bryan Burhans, available now.

Episode 2: “Getting the Next Generation’s Hands in the Dirt,” featuring Blake Shelton, available on Thursday, April 30.

Episode 3: “Can’t Stop the Hunt,” featuring Michael Waddell, will be available on Thursday, May 7.

Upcoming episode podcasts will then focus on all things Pennsylvania wildlife, habitat, hunting, conservation, and law enforcement while giving an inside scoop of all the great things that happen at the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Listen to Call of Outdoors today on their official website. You can also listen to the show where you listen to your podcasts to: Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Play Store, and Stitcher.

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